lundi 20 juin 2011

Change of Heart

Top of the CN Tower, Toronto, june 12th 2011.

To C. & C.

Change of Heart

I am at a thousand feet up in the sky

And I don't ever want to touch the ground.

I have flown overseas

Wandered across a hundred cities

I have met over one thousand souls

Every parting has left me with an open wound.

My body bears too many scars

Blood dripping out of them

Like tears pouring from my eyes

What could be worth such a dear price ?

Friendship alone makes it worthwhile

These ties alone keep me alive.

I have said good bye one too many times,

One too many chunks ripped off my heart

Have turned me ghost, stumbling, aimless,

Struggling alone, emotion-wrecked.

Take it all away

For I am up a thousand feet high,

And would never want to touch the ground.

All I need is far less than I already have,

My hopes and dreams, my loves and flaws

Are all I truly care about for now.

The void I feel inside my heart

Restores some balance in my life

The emptiness I wished be filled

Is fuel enough to keep me standing

Moving on: a widespread lie

For he who's up high in the sky

Shall never want to touch the ground.

Moving on: should I abide?

Would there be purpose walking forward

When all I love I left behind?

A change in the wind has freed my mind

This tear running shall be my last

I will stay up a thousand feet high

And I shall never ever touch the ground.

Make choices. Make mistakes. Over and over again.